System Requirements

This Version of TwoDFrame will run on any personal
computer (PC with a Pentium or higher processor)
with one of the following operating systems

 * Windows 11® (Desktop App)
 * Windows 10® (Desktop App)
 (* Windows 8.1® (Desktop App))
 (* Windows 8® (Desktop App))
 (* Windows 7®)

TwoDFrame does NOT run on Windows RT. 

 * Hard-disk space required: 25 MB
 * RAM requirements: 256 MB
 * VGA or higher-resolution monitor (1366x768+)
 * Microsoft Mouse or compatible pointing device
 * Optional: Touchscreen or Tablet-PC

However, a view features will NOT run on old 
operating systems or slow computers. 
If you plan to analyse large systems 
(e.g. 100 Elements or more), we recommend: 

 * Multi-Processor System
 * 512 MB free RAM (or more) 

The number of frame elements and nodes is limited by your computer. 
Especially the dynamic analysis is limited to approx. 1000 DOF.

Installing TwoDFrame

To install TwoDFrame, run setup.exe, which can be found 
on your TwoDFrame CD.
If you downloaded TwoDFrame from the internet, run frame___.exe. 
The setup program will prompt you for all additional steps.
To install TwoDFrame on a Windows computer, 
administrator privileges are required. 
(Windows 11® / Windows 10® / Windows 8.1® / Windows 8® / Windows 7®: 'run as administrator', right mouse button)

To uninstall TwoDFrame, select the
  TwoDFrame->Uninstall TwoDFrame
item on the Desktop or the Start Menu.
If you don't have that menu item, run 
  c:\twdframe\setup -u

Network Instructions

TwoDFrame runs best on a single-user system. Single-user
systems include stand-alone systems and network systems 
where a separate copy of TwoDFrame is installed on each 
user's workstation. 
However, it is possible to install TwoDFrame for use 
on a network server. Network server installations are 
for networked systems where one copy of TwoDFrame is 
shared by more than one user's workstation. 
Users won't be able to change some global settings 
but the administrative effort is kept to a minimum. 
It is assumed, that you are an experienced administrator. 

To install TwoDFrame on a network server, 
administrator privileges are required. 
Follow the steps below:
* Run setup.exe on a workstation
  (NOT on the network server!);
* On the destination location page choose a 
  destination directory on the server;
* If you overwrite an old version, 
  make sure TwoDFrame is not run 
  by another user (ERROR! VERSION MIX!). 
* Let setup install TwoDFrame;
* Make sure that users have read / execute access 
  to the destination directory on the server; 
  write access is not needed.
* On the other workstations create a menu link to 
  twdframe.exe, manually.
* If HTMLHelp is not working, give the appropriate rights 
  or serve with a local copy of the help file 
  ...\ltssRestrictions\MaxAllowedZone = 2).

To uninstall TwoDFrame from a network server, 
administrator privileges are required. 
Follow the steps below:
* select the
  item on the Start Menu or Desktop on the 
  installation workstation.
* If you don't have that menu item, run
     \\Server\twdframe\setup -u
* Remove the menu links you created on the other 
* Remove any local help files on the workstations. 

Running TwoDFrame

To run TwoDFrame, click TwoDFrame on the Desktop 
or the Start Menu. 
With the following options, you can also run
TwoDFrame directly in your preferred language: 
English: c:\twdframe\twdframe -en
German: c:\twdframe\twdframe -de
Serbian: c:\twdframe\twdframe -sr
Italian: c:\twdframe\twdframe -it
Chinese: c:\twdframe\twdframe -cn