Software Development:

Consultancy on C++:

You are a software developer or project manager and you already put some enthusiasm and money into a C++ project, but you were brought back to earth with a more or less 'NULL' result? Do not let your project fail, call for help. But better call someone who can show you real world C++ programs.

We have more than 20 years of experience in object oriented and generic programming with C++. We know the pitfalls, traps and dead ends. Purists, tool-fanatics, and experts by certificate just make us smile. We are your ambulance service, rescuing your investments and valuable ideas from the trash-can. We are men of action. We deliver results.

Structural Analysis Server (Automation/COM Component):

You are a professional software developer and you are looking for a structural analysis software that is silently working for your programs?

ThreeDFrame / ThreeDFEM / TwoDFrame is a Structural Analysis Server (Automation/COM Component/ActiveX). Client programs, written with VBA, Visual Basic, Visual C#, Visual C++, or any other automation-compatible programming language, can make use of the Structural Analysis Server.

If a client program feeds ThreeDFrame with the structural model, it receives all the results of ThreeDFrame's structural analysis and design.

All functions of the Structural Analysis Server can be already used in demo mode. The analysis results are returned for the first two elements. Hence, the Structural Analysis Server can be tested easily, if it fits to a problem.