TwoDFrame on OS X®

TwoDFrame was developed for Microsoft Windows. Unfortunately, there is no OS X version.
However, OS X users can use TwoDFrame with WINE.
Thanks goes to Tomas Caspary for his experience on OS X:

I am using Wine on OS X Mountain Lion on a Mac mini.

1. In the folder where 'frame231.exe' is saved, open the program with the menu command

open with -> Wine

2. Select the option "run directly in" in the window of Wine.

The program is installed.
It is found on the menu with the Wine-Icon in the submenu 'file manager'.
But the installation is cancelled under the option "convert to simple os x app with winebottler" with the error code "syntax error on command prompt".

3. With CrossOver the program is installed into the folder


into the "Wine-Bottle" xyz. This is a "Vista-Bottle", using Wine/CrossOver chargon.

4. After trying TwoDFrame I found that it does not work correctly. I could not save files and the report was frozen.

5. Then, I "filled" TwoDFrame into an XP-Bottle and the errors disappeared.

Tomas Caspary, Architect (May 2013)

April 2014, one year experience: TwoDFrame works fine with CrossOver 12.5.1. and Mountain Lion 10.8.5.

Ralf Hansen: If any error occurs, please let me know. Eventually, such a problem can be solved with the next release of our software. More information about WINE on its website. Search: WINE for OS X.