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Relevant Keywords for

Ralf Martin Hansen writes advanced engineering software. The features are comprehensive. Therefore all the following keywords are relevant, but the list is only a small subset.
Windows 8.1, Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows 2000, Android,
TwoDFrameLT, TwoDFrame, 2D-Frame, 2DFrame, Two-Dimensional Frame,
ThreeDFrame, 3D-Frame, 3DFrame, Three-Dimensional Frame,
ThreeDFEM, 3D-FEM, 3DFEM, Three-Dimensional FEM,
Portal Frame, Space Frame, Continuous Beam,
Structural Engineering, Structural Analysis, Structural Design,
Slab Structures, Wall Structures, Shell Structures,
Structural Model, Structural System,
Steel, Structural Steel, Reinforcing Steel,
Timber, Structural Timber, Laminated Timber, Glued Laminated Timber,
Concrete, Reinforced Concrete,
Steel Frame, Structural Steel Frame, Timber Frame, Structural Timber Frame,
Laminated Timber Frame, Glued Laminated Timber Frame,
Reinforced Concrete Frame, Concrete Frame,
Steel Structure, Structural Steel Structure, Timber Structure, Structural Timber Structure,
Laminated Timber Structure, Glued Laminated Timber Structure,
Reinforced Concrete Structure, Concrete Structure,
Framed Structures, Sway Frame, Non-sway frame, Model column method,
Free Software for Students, Structural Analysis Software,
Finite Elements, Matrix Displacement Method, Structural Design, Mesh Generator,
Eurocode 2, Eurocode 3, Eurocode 5, Eurocode,
Bending Moment, Torsional Moment, Twisting Moment, Principal Moment, Design Moment, Shear Force, Axial Force,
Second Order Effect, Shear Deflection, Shear Deformation, Elastic Deformation, Linear Analysis, Linear Elastic Analysis,
Structural Steel, Structural Timber, Reinforced Concrete,
Free Download, Student Software,
Ralf Martin Hansen, Ralf Hansen,
Eurocode, DIN, BS,
S.I. Units, SI Units,
Ultimate Limit State, Serviceability Limit State,
Elastic-Elastic, E-E, Elastic-Plastic, E-P, Plastic-Plastic, P-P,
Frame Element, Truss Element, Tension-Only Element, Compression-Only Element,
Beam, Girder, Column, Stanchion, Pillar, Pier, Slab, Flat Slab,
Axial Force Hinge, Shear Force Hinge, Bending Moment Hinge, T-Beam,
Load Case, Load Combination, Partial Safety Factor, Characteristic Values, Design Values,
Permanent, Variable, Accidental, Wind,
Load, Action, Node Load, Point Load, Concentrated Load, Distributed Load, Imperfection, Inclination, Eccentricity,
Influence Line, Elastic Foundation, Coefficient of Subgrade, Surface Load, Opening,
Prescribed Displacement, System Global, Element Global, Development,
Cross-sectional values, Cross-sectional Area, Shear Area, Second Moment of Area,
Modulus of Elasticity, Modulus of Rigidity, Coefficient of Expansion, Mass Density, Poisson's Ratio,
Support Stiffness, Spring Stiffness,
Buildings, Computation, Building Codes, Rules of Calculation,
Eurocode 1, EC 1, EN 1991, BS EN 1991, DIN EN 1991, DIN 1055 (2006),
Eurocode 2, EC 2, EN 1992-1-1, BS EN 1992-1-1, DIN EN 1992-1-1, DIN 1045-1, BS 8110-1,
Eurocode 3, EC 3, EN 1993-1-1, BS EN 1993-1-1, DIN EN 1993-1-1, DIN 18800, BS 5950,
Eurocode 5, EC 5, EN 1995-1-1, BS EN 1995-1-1, DIN EN 1995-1-1, DIN 1052, BS 5268,
Eurocode 8, EC 8, EN 1998-1, DIN EN 1998-1, BS EN 1998-1, DIN 4149