System Requirements

This Version of TwoDFrameLT will run on 
smartphones and tablets running 

 * Android 4.0 (14) or newer

 * ROM space required: 6 MB
 * SD-CARD space required: 6+ MB
 * Display resolution: 480x800+

However, some features will NOT run on old 
Android systems or displays with low resolution. 

If you plan to work professionally, 
we recommend: 

 * 10.1 in Tablet with resolution 1280x800+

The number of frame elements and nodes is 
limited by the phone / tablet. 

Users may feel free to install TwoDFrameLT 
and try if it works well on their specific 

Installing TwoDFrameLT

Best you connect to the WLAN of your own 
network, but not with a public hotspot. 
To install or update TwoDFrameLT, 
* touch on Unknown sources 
  - ALLOW installation of apps from unknown sources (see Settings->Security) 
* touch on "Download and Install TwoDFrameLT.apk at
* do NOT forget: touch on Unknown sources 
  - DISALLOW installation of apps from unknown sources 


If you install a new release of TwoDFrameLT, 
it can happen, that you first have to uninstall 
the old Release. After that, install the new Release. 

Where is my Download?

On most Android devices, there is a download directory, 
where you find TwoDFrameLT.apk. Check the date, if there are 
several downloads. 

Unknown sources