We offer e-mail support about modeling questions to our licensed users, as long as they are in the update period.
Send your questions to:


We ourselves made some 'funny' experience with telephone hotlines of other software vendors. While we got answers very quickly most of them were of no use. Then, we tried to answer questions very quickly...

Our approach is to help you and not to get rid of your question (as quick as possible). Normally, this takes some time and patience on both sides. We try to answer your question as well as possible.

Please, describe the problem clearly and completely. We want to be able to recreate the problem, so we need to know the exact sequence of activities that led up to it. Include the exact error message, if one appeared. If your problem concerns a particular structural system, please attach the file. Attach any other relevant materials.

After you got an answer, please let us know if we really helped you.


We come to your place for training. We offer courses for beginners as well as for advanced users and their specific modelling problems.

The costs vary with your location. Please, ask for a quotation.

Typical costs:
- lecturer: 65 € per hour
- travel costs: train ticket or air ticket or 0.40 € per km with the car
- accommodation